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Have you anytime encountered the uncomfort caused by your glasses and still can't get acclimated to it after delayed extend of time of use, in spite of the way that the glasses is made according to your answer? I figure the suitable reaction is yes. Why does this happen? That is because the glasses you asked for are not precisely a match for what your answer calls for. Any ophthalmologist or optical shop won't think about this, which will finally reason an authentic mischief to your vision. 

Regardless, at LEOTONY, before setting up your demand, it will at first go into our movement 1 strategy: The elaborative examination by our master Ophthalmologist. They will coordinate your answer and the glasses you asked for an organizing survey, to ensure your drug is absolutely correct with no silly parameters, to guarantee that the glasses you are asking for are in full consistence with your cure. In case your answer is atypical or the glasses you purchased are not fitting for your cure, we will contact you at the main gone through with capable proposition for your vision needs. This obliging, progressed, composed organization is first class at LEOTONY in a manner of speaking. 

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Leotony is overseeing unrivaled eyeglasses and shades on the web, which are FDA and CE insisted. We are amazingly fastidious and intensive about the thing quality. Each join of the LEOTONY acidic corrosive deduction plots are made with Italian Mazzucchelli acidic corrosive inference, OBE screws, Nickle free turn and Nickle free haven bars. To ensure the best idea of glasses passed on to you, our excelsior authorities direct every movement of the amassing method totally. Moreover, all of LEOTONY central focuses come standard with against scratch covering, threatening to shrewd covering, super hydrophobic covering, blue light security covering and full UV protection, to no end.

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